How you can help us fight for justice

Celeste’s cruel death absolutely devastated and destroyed everyone who knew and loved her. We also know that Celeste’s death has deeply affected many members of the community. Complete strangers have approached us, Celeste’s family, and offered their genuine and heartfelt condolences. One even painted a beautiful portrait of her. Many have asked how they can help.

If you are just as outraged as we are with the manifestly inadequate sentence imposed on the beast who killed Celeste and if you agree with us that anyone convicted of murder deserves (at the bare minimum) a head sentence of life imprisonment, please, please sign and share our petition.


We, as a family, struggle to comprehend just how little the Judge valued Celeste’s life. Thirty-six years. That’s it. After that, the beast is free to roam the streets, scroll through Instagram, and form new obsessions, without any supervision at all. His next victim could be your daughter – your granddaughter. Who will be watching him? Who will be monitoring him?


A sentence of life imprisonment would mean that for the rest of the murderer’s life, he would be subject to some form of supervision. He would be constantly assessed. Have to check in with the authorities. Hand over his phone or computer when directed to. He’d still be free to roam the streets, but at least there would be SOMETHING in place.
All murderers should be subject to lifelong supervision, if not detained in prison.

A Life for a Life.
Is it really too much to ask?
Why is an offender’s right to freedom valued more highly than the life they brutally extinguished?
Why does Celeste lose her right to laugh, love and live while he loses only 36 years of his?
Where is the justice in that?

Please, sign and share the petition. And stand with us at our next Rally to demand change.

Sunday 26 May 2024, 12pm, Parliament House

Demand fairness.

Demand Justice.

Demand a Life for a Life.

You can also email the Attorney General of Victoria ( and demand immediate implementation of the 46 VLRC Stalking Review Recommendations that she has
been sitting on since September 2022. Demand amendments be made to the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Fitness to be Tried) Act (CMIA) to give prisons the power to medicate remand prisoners who are then deemed unfit so that they can become fit and face justice.

And demand that murderers who have been found not guilty by mental impairment receive mandatory 25-year minimum terms at Thomas Embling. If they were so mentally impaired that they were killed once, they should still be detained to protect the community from the same devastating crime occurring again. Make it clear that being allowed out on unsupervised leave after 7 years IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE COMMUNITY.


Justice for Celeste

Justice for Celeste